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The Summer School will be held at Palazzo Greppi, University of Milan, located in the heart of Milan.

Palazzo Greppi, University of Milan
Via Sant'Antonio 12
20122 – Milan
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Wi-Fi will be available in the School venue.


A well-established tool for supporting the decision-making process. The cost-benefit analysis has gained a lot of ground for the assessment of investments ‘desirability and sustainability’. In several countries, it is embedded in the national public investment system.

Prime competencies and expertise. Trainers are leading experts in cost-benefit analysis. The faculty includes academics and consultants boasting more than 20 years of experience in preparing and reviewing cost-benefit analyses.

Practice-oriented approach. You will attend face-to-face lectures but also hands-on workshops to practice CBA applications. You will be engaged in active participation at each stage of the course, including discussion of real-life cases with lecturers and representative of EU and national authorities.

Learning interactively and supported. A tutor will guide you since the first day of the course by providing continuous feedback and support during the hands-on workshops.

You get knowledge of CBA application at general, sectoral and country level. You will be introduced to the main principles and steps to carry out CBA, the typical benefits to consider by sector and the techniques used most frequently to evaluate them and country applications, learning about the variability of CBA principles and rules.

Networking and sharing of experiences. You will meet participants with different backgrounds (institutional, private sector, academia) from all over the world, bringing different experiences of CBA applications. At the end of each day, social/cultural events will foster informal networking.

Opt for the best solution for you. Adjust your attendance duration on the basis of your availability and interest. Four options are available: i) a full course (5 days); ii) 3 days (on general principles and methods of the CBA); iii) 4 days (including an additional day on sectoral applications); iv) a one day seminar to learn on CBA application in different institutional and policy settings.

Wide CBA community. You will become part of a vast community of more than 400 Alumni. This year, a unique event will celebrate the 10th edition of the CBA Summer School.

Suggested readings

cba guide
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[ PDF required].

Massimo Florio, Applied Welfare Economics. Cost-Benefit Analysis of projects and policies, Routledge, February 2014

The book is now available at amazon.com for purchase.