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Cost Benefit Analysis and Project Appraisal

CSIL experts advise and assist project promoters, analysts and decision-makers belonging to public and private sectors in judging the economic advantages or disadvantages related to an investment decision in order to assess the welfare change attributable to it.

CSIL boasts a deep and longstanding knowledge of theoretical foundations and practical application of the Cost-benefit analysis (CBA), an analytical tool enabling a more efficient allocation of resources, demonstrating the social convenience of a particular intervention against possible alternatives. CBA is applied to policies, programmes, investment projects and regulations.?

CSIL experts prepared several CBA reports for the major projects applying for co-funding under the European Regional Development Fund and Cohesion Fund in different sectors. Moreover, as contractor of the framework agreement for technical assistance to the European Commission on major project appraisal, CSIL has provided the DG Regional and Urban policy with quick appraisal reports assessing the completeness and methodological quality of CBA and application forms asking for co-financing.

Over the past years, experience has been gained with the appraisal of infrastructure projects financed in the following sectors:

  • Transport
  • Environment
  • RDI
  • Energy
  • Culture
  • Health
  • Social infrastructure.

CSIL experts authored four editions of the Guide for Cost-Benefit Analysis of Investment Projects officially adopted by the European Commission DG Regional Policy since 1999 for the ex-ante appraisal and selection of projects co-funded by Structural Funds, Cohesion Funds and the Instrument of Pre-Accession. Currently, one of the CSIL experts on CBA is coordinating the further update of the Guide, which is expected to be ready at the beginning of 2014.

CSIL is also involved in the production of national CBA guidelines. CSIL experts are currently developing a methodology for the assessment of social-economic impact of public investment in Lithuania.

CSIL's deep knowledge of CBA is reflected also in the number of research papers and books on the topic of Cost-Benefit Analysis and project appraisal which its experts authored or contributed to in the past years (see CSIL publications).