Knowledge, innovation, entrepreneurship: the ingredients of economic development.

Our contribution: careful analysis, global perspective, feasible projects


CSIL is continuosly looking for professionals in different areas of expertise, both freshly trained and with longstanding experience.

The ideal personal profile should include the following skills: project management, good interpersonal communication and ability to work efficiently in a team group, result-oriented and problem solving attitude, committment to results, pro-active.

Please specify your field of expertise among the following:

  • Evaluation of public projects and policies
  • SME development (cluster development)
  • Regional development
  • Institutional capacity building
  • Marketing strategies
  • Forestry and natural resources management
  • Human resources development
  • Market research

Please specify your field of expertise and your seniority in a particular field according to the following categories:

  • Project analyst (0-3 years of experience)
  • Junior Expert (3-5 years of experience)
  • Expert (5-10 years of experience)
  • Senior Expert (>10 years of experience)

You can apply for a position within CSIL sending detailed CV (Word or PDF format) by email, only to:
It will become part of our database of experts.


For any information please contact our experts