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Davide Pettenella

Professor of Forestry Economics, University of Padua

Davide Pettenella

Davide Pettenella is Associate Professor of Forest Economics at the University of Padova, where is teaching Forest products economics and Marketing of mountain products and services. He is currently a member of CSIL Scientific Committee. He has published more than 300 papers in the field of forest economics and wood products marketing as a result of his research activities and field works carried out within programmes financed by the European Commission, FAO, European Forestry Institute, World Bank, and by Italian national and regional institutions. He has been involved in research projects in the IIASA Wood Supply Model for Italy (Environment Program), in the EEC-DG XII research programme FAST RES 4, in the IEA "Implementing agreement on bioenergy", in two Concerted Actions financed by EC FAIR Programme (Consequences of structural changes in round wood and forest markets in Europe and End-use and substitution analysis for sawn timber and wood based panels: implication for European Forestry), in the EC STD3 Programme ('Sustainable development of the ecosystems of the coastal hill of Peru'), in the "Sustainability audit of Swiss forest policy" of the Swiss Federal Forest Administration and, as FEEM scientific coordinator, of the EC-DG XII research project "Critical Natural Capital and the Implications of a Strong Sustainability Criterion" and in other research programs founded by CNR and other Italian research institutions. To know more about Davide Pettenella visit