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22 December 2021

NEW Working paper on the impact of space procurement in Italy

"The impact of space procurement on suppliers: evidence from Italy" is now available online. Part of the CSIL working paper series, it has been authored by researchers from CSIL and the University of Milan, Department of Economics, Management, and Quantitative Methods.

The working paper investigates the impact of space procurement on supplier firms, stemming from the experience of a research project coordinated by the University of Milan for the Italian Space Agency.

Authors have empirically studied how public procurement affects several dimensions of firms’ performance in the Italian space industry. The research strategy implies hypothesis-validating interviews, a survey, and an econometric analysis. The study found space procurement to generate two outcomes in firms: “intermediate outcomes” - i.e., learning, innovation, and market penetration - and “final outcomes” - i.e., profit and sales,
business development, and employment – with the former inducing the latter. The results offer insights for understanding the role of public procurement from the suppliers’ perspective.

Castelnovo P, Catalano G, Giffoni F, Landoni M (2021), “The impact of space procurement on suppliers: evidence from Italy”, Working Papers 202102, CSIL Centre for Industrial Studies.

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