Knowledge, innovation, entrepreneurship: the ingredients of economic development.

Our contribution: careful analysis, global perspective, feasible projects


CSIL experts are authors of a number of articles published at international level on a wide range of issues.

Here below are short descriptions of selected articles produced by CSIL experts and published on International press. They exemplify the topics and the way our team is used to work.


Guidelines on Cost Estimation of Research Infrastructures

Study developed in the framework of the StR-ESFRI project (Support to Reinforce the European Strategy Forum for Research Infrastructures).

Client: ESFRI - European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures

Year: 2019

Smart Guide to entrepreneurship support through clusters

EOCIC publication focused on how to deliver targeted support to entrepreneurship through clusters.

Client: EU Commission, EASME

Year: 2019

How to tackle challenges in a future-oriented EU industrial strategy?

Client: EU Parliament, ITRE Committee

Year: 2019

Cluster programmes in Europe and beyond

Client: European Observatory for Clusters and Industrial Change, EU Commission, DG GROWTH

Year: 2019


FCC Physics Opportunities

Authors: Gelsomina Catalano, Massimo Florio, Francesco Giffoni, Emanuela Sirtori

Journal: The European Physical Journal C (EPJC)

Year: 2019

L’impatto sociale della produzione di scienza su larga scala: come governarlo?


Authors: Massimo Florio, Francesco Giffoni

Journal: Forum Disuguaglianze Diversità

Year: 2019

On Balance: Using Retrospective Analysis to Increase Policy Learning in Europe

Authors: Chiara Pancotti

Journal: Society for Benefit-Cost Analysis

Year: 2019

Bologna: A Sustainable Culture

The essay is available in English, Italian, French and German.

Authors: Gianni Carbonaro, Chiara Pancotti

Journal: European Investment Bank's website

Year: 2019

Should governments fund basic science? Evidence from a willingness-to-pay experiment in five universities

Authors: Gelsomina Catalano, Massimo Florio, Francesco Giffoni

Journal: Journal of Economic Policy Reform

Year: 2018


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