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XVIII Milan European Economy Workshop: The socio-economic impact of investment in science

June 2020, 

The Milan European Economy Workshops are in-depth discussions on highly relevant policy issues for the European Union. The XVIII edition will be held online on 25 and 26 June 2020. If you want to join the webinar or one of the sessions, please email (for the program, see this link).

The objective of the 2020 workshop is to advance the debate on the socio-economic impact of large-scale science projects. In particular, the workshop will focus on the new Research Infrastructure (RI) paradigm of science production: bottom-up approach; international coalitions of funders, accessibility by multiple users; open science approach; outreach and involvement of citizens.

In Europe, there are around three hundred major international RIs and perhaps one thousand significant ones including those mostly funded by national governments, often with some support from the EU. The workshop will foster the dialogue between scientists, economists, managers, and policy experts about new approaches to the production of knowledge. There will also be a discussion about what we are learning from the pandemic.


Organising Committee

Luc Bernier, University of Ottawa

Eugenio Coccia, Gran Sasso Science Institute

Simonetta Di Ciaccio, Italian Space Agency

Massimo Florio, University of Milan (Chair)

Carlo Fiorio, University of Milan (Co-Chair)

Anna Giunta, University Rome 3

Raffaella Manzini, LIUC University

Valentina Morretta, University of Milan

Barbara Sak, CIRIEC International

Alessandra Tassa, European Space Agency

Silvia Vignetti, CSIL Centre for Industrial Studies (Co-Chair)

The webinars are organised with the support of CSIL and Ciriec International.



If you want to join the webinar, please email Martina Gazzo at

Read the program online.