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A study on Space Market Uptake in Europe: CSIL experts at work

September 2015, 

CSIL experts have  been awarded a contract by the European Parliament for a study on ‘Space Market Uptake in Europe’.

The objective of the study is to shed light on the potential applicability of data acquired from the EU satellite system in both the public and private sector, but especially on the reasons why such potential still remains largely underutilized. The ultimate objective is to provide the European Parliament with final propositions on how to foster the market uptake of applications and services based on the Galileo and Copernicus systems, with a view to improve the current state of affairs in Europe.

As part of the methodology developed for this study, CSIL experts are currently involved in interviews policy makers, space agencies, the space industry and different categories of users of space data (public authorities, academic practitioners, SMEs and non-governmental organisations). The study will also rely on a Delphi-like survey involving sample of space data users, selected across the EU and from different work environment (such as the academia, non-governmental organisations and the business world) in order to derive a convergence of opinions about the main bottlenecks in the use of the EU space data and especially on the policy actions deemed more urgent and virtually effective to remove those barriers.

The study is expected to be completed by the December 2015.