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Second visit of CSIL experts to CERN

March 2014, 


Genèva, 10th -13th March 2014. Following the first mission of September 2013, CSIL experts visited the CERN in March 2014 for carrying out a second round of interviews with selected stakeholders related to the Large Hydron Collider (LHC). Meetings were organized with different departments of CERN, including resources planning, human resources, finance, procurement and knowledge transfer departments as well as with CMS Secretariat. CSIL experts interviewed representatives from different departments in order to gather data needed for carrying out the cost-benefit analysis of the LHC.  In addition, two focus groups were organized with PHD and post doc students in order to fine tune the methodology addressed to the estimation of the human capital benefit related to the LHC. During the focus groups, participants’ motivation for doing research on LHC and the expected impact in terms of future career were investigated. To know more about the project visit