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RI-PATHS' partners published the third project newsletter

June 2019, 

The RI-PATHS team has concluded a highly interactive and participatory phase of the project which was dedicated to sourcing input from the Research Infrastructure (RI) community on key building blocks for developing a comprehensive framework on socio-economic impact. In total, nine participatory workshops have been convened helping the RI-PATHS team to identify the key areas for impact measurement, to disentangle main impact pathways for various types of RIs, to structure draft lists of suitable indicators and to assess the applicability of a range of measurement methods. The results of these interactive events are summarised in two reports: D4.1 Concept note on modular impact assessment framework and Results of the participatory workshops.

As the next step, the RI-PATHS team will refine the conceptual framework and discuss it with the project Advisory Board in September 2019. The RI community, policymakers and other interested stakeholders are warmly invited to a validation workshop of the RI-PATHS impact assessment framework on 22 October 2019 in Brussels (Fraunhofer EU Office, Rue Royale 94).


Newsletter, Issue 3