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Maritime Mobilities: new book on the maritime freight transport sector

December 2017, 

CSIL experts contributed to the forthcoming book “Maritime Mobilities” (Routledge, 2018), focusing on maritime freight transport sector. The volume is a key resource for those interested in industrial economics, shipping industries and transport geography. CSIL experts’ contribution explores the conditions under which benefits of transhipment port may flow to the region or country hosting them, describing the story of the Port of Gioia Tauro in Southern Italy.

“The chapter illustrates the start-up, consolidation and performance of the port, and discusses the reasons explaining such perfor­mance […]. The analysis shows an emblematic story of great business success and unexploited potential for local development. The overall assessment of the economic impact of the project is mixed and illustrates that transhipment can create local development through the generation of indirect, spillover, effects, only if it is integrated into the national and international logistical system”.

(Chapter 12 - The economic development effect of a transhipment port. The case of Gioia Tauro).

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