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The Governance of the Cohesion Policies for Research and Innovation

This study deals with one concrete implication of the regionalisation of R&I policy and the contribution of Cohesion policy to this process and, in particular, the possible trade-off between the need to concentrate resources on best performing regions, and the objective of responding to local needs with the risk that resources are eventually spread too thinly between different beneficiaries.

The objective is to understand whether and under which conditions one specific model of R&I governance might provide a credible response to this potential trade-off and the risks it entails.

The outcome of this research is a paper addressed to provide some insights to understand how regional innovation policies can be effective in promoting both excellence and cohesion objectives in lagging behind EU regions. To this end, the case of the regional innovation system set up by the Apulia region (Southern Italy) over the past nearly ten years is presented. The elements of strengths and weaknesses of such a system are critically examined and discussed to produce lessons learned of more general relevance.

The ultimate objective of this research is to feed into the debate currently taking place in the context of the work carried out by the high level advisory group “Innovation for Growth” set up by the European Commission in support of the Innovation Union objectives and the completion of the European Research Area.

Client: European Commission, DG Research and Innovation, Innovation for Growth (I4G) group, 2013-2014.

A synthesis of this research is reported in Sirtori E., Florio M. and Pellegrin J., 2014,  “Research intensive clusters and regional innovation system: a case study of mechatronics in Apulia”, CSIL Working Paper N. 03/2014. To download the working paper click here.

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