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Express your opinion on the future of Evaluation in Cohesion Policy

November 2019, 

What issues are critical for the future role of evaluation in Cohesion Policy? Express your views completing our survey, it will take less than 5 minutes. The consultation is part of ongoing research for the European Parliament.

The study ‘The Role of Evaluation in CohesionPolicy’ has been commissioned to CSIL by the European Parliament (REGI Committee), to provide an in-depth analysis of the practical aspects of evaluations in EU cohesion policy, including the different types of evaluations and methodologies used, the rules and procedures governing evaluations and their implementation, as well as the impact of past and current evaluations on the design of cohesion policy. It will also provide critical analysis of whether and how evaluation findings have been used by policymakers at EU and national/regional level, and a comparison with other EU policy areas (e.g. centrally managed instruments).

To this end, CSIL is consulting through interviews and web surveys, with other institutions, competent authorities and key stakeholders whose opinions might be essential for an in-depth assessment of the role of evaluation in cohesion policy. 

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