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CSIL joined the workshop on the EU R&I in Support of the Earth Observation Market

October 2016, 

CSIL was invited to join the workshop on the EU R&I in Support of the Earth Observation Market held in Brussels on 21-22 September 2016. The workshop was organised by DG RTD of teh EUropean Commission in collaboration with DG CONNECT, DG GROW, the JRC, EARSC, ESA (ESRIN), Geospatial Media and Communications BV, and HCP international.

The overall objective of this workshop was to explore Research and Innovation actions needed for the development of a dynamic Earth observation market in Europe in relation to the Copernicus and GEO initiatives (Group on Earth Observations).

CSIL expert - Laura Del Ponte - joined the Plenary Session 1 titled "Exploring market trends and EO products and services of the future" and contributed with a discussion on public policy instruments for promoting the uptake of eo technologies in european markets. This presentation drawed by a recent study authored by CSIL on Space Market Uptake in Europe, carried out on behalf of the European Parliament (for more info click here).

For more details on the workshop, click here.