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CSIL experts develop a CBA guide for Lithuania

November 2013, 

On August 2012 CSIL, Milan, and BGI, Vilnius, have been awarded by the Lithuanian Ministry of Finance to develop a cost-benefit analysis methodology to assess the social-economic impact of public investment projects.

The assignment is still on-going and is expected to be completed by April 2014.

The output will be a national guide aimed at empowering Lithuanian public administration to assess investment value, likely social and economic value of investment projects. The methodology will be aligned with requirements of the European Commission Guidelines regarding Cost-Benefit Analysis. Moreover, it will be differentiated according to the specifics of different investment areas/sectors, including , amongst other, Transport, Environment, Energy, Healthcare, Social infrastructure, Science and Education, information society, Urban development. CSIL experts are responsible for drafting specific chapters of this guide discussing the most relevant objectives, benefits and methods for calculations of projects’ effects. In addition, CSIL experts will carry out a series of trainings regarding CBA methodology and practical model for Lithuanian institutions.