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CBA conceptual framework for Natural Gas and Electricity transport infrastructures

The full title of the research is "Investments on Transport Infrastructures or Natural Gas and Electricity. Towards a comprehensive conceptual framework to assess their impact on social welfare". It is conducted on behalf of the Centre on Regulation in Europe and is aimed at defining a methodology to assess overall costs and benefits of network investment projects in natural gas transport and electricity transmission infrastructures. Further, in a context in which investment decisions are still taken – to some extent – on a national basis, the methodology needs to allow assessing the cost and benefit to a subset of the parties affected by the investment (e.g. the customers located in a certain country, bearing the cost of an international pipeline bringing delivering gas from a remote location to the country), while keeping into account the cost and benefits to the other parties impacted by the investment (e.g. parties located along the pipeline path, who can benefit from the additional transportation capacity resulting from the investment). The proposed methodology allows assessing benefits and costs expected to result from the deployment of incremental gas transport and electricity transmission infrastructures, taking into account their impact on security of supply, competition in the gas and electricity markets, environmental sustainability of the energy sectors.

Partner: IEFE Bocconi (Italy)
Client: CERRE 

Years: 2010-2011

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