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Applied Welfare Economics book now available - CSIL's contribution to recent Routledge's publication

February 2014, 

A new publication Applied Welfare Economics: Cost-Benefit Analysis of Projects and Policies authored by Massimo Florio and published by Routledge is now available at for purchase. The book explains how to apply welfare economics ideas to the real world. In particular, after a theoretical discussion of the concept of social welfare, a critical analysis of the traditional doctrine of welfare economics embodied in the Two Fundamental Theorems, and a presentation of social cost-benefit analysis, the book introduce the readers to an applied framework. This includes the empirical estimation of shadow prices of goods, of the social cost of labour and capital, the assessment of risk. This book also includes the state of the art of international experience with Cost-benefit analysis, including ex-post evaluation of major projects, economic rates of return in different sectors, and a case study on privatisation, is presented. CSIL experts contributed to draft several chapters of the book, providing their knowledge on the practice of cost-benefit analysis gained over many years of advisory work for the European Commission and other international and national institutions, including European Investment Bank, World Bank and African Development Bank. To know more on this book click here