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Apart from traditional training methods, used during the first half of the training (face-to-face presentations), an interactive and practical approach will be applied. Participants are welcomed to bring their personal experiences with practical examples of projects they may have come across in their professional experience. This is a good way to have a discussion on practical problems in the application of the methodology to Cost Benefit Analysis of Investment Projects asking for EU co-financing.

During hands-on sessions (in the afternoon), participants will be asked to work individually (for Module I) or divided in small groups (5-6 people for Module II) on practicing analytical skills. Hands-on sessions will be carried out under the guidance of a tutor. Hands-on sessions of Module I will focus on developing a full-fledged financial and economic analysis and calculation of performance indicators starting from basic assumptions and key input data. Hands-one session of Module II will focus on a critical review of a major project example, including the overall design and rationale of the project, the calculation of economic benefits and performance indicators. Public material and/or ad hoc prepared report will be made available to guide the critical analysis of the project. For Module II only, the last day each group will present their findings to the experts and the other groups. A prize will be awarded to the best presentation at the School. Discussions on how to improve the quality of the projects applying for EU funding will follow in a plenary session, together with reflections about how to feed CBA analysis into the decision making process.

The preliminary list of case studies to review includes:

  • Urban transport
  • Railway
  • Water and waste water treatment
  • Solid waste management
  • Research & Innovation
  • Urban development

During the application process participants will be required to express their preferences for the case studies they would like to be assigned to, as well as to express their interest in possible additional cases from other sectors. The final list of cases as well the group composition will be decided trying as far as possible to accommodate the participants’ preferences as well as the need to guarantee a balanced number of participants and expertise among all the groups.

The preliminary full programme is available here








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