Knowledge, innovation, entrepreneurship: the ingredients of economic development.

Our contribution: careful analysis, global perspective, feasible projects


CSIL approach to economic analysis and evaluation is characterised by the synergetic use of quantitative (econometric models, counterfactual analysis, scenario and simulation assessment, cost-benefit and cost-effectiveness analysis, etc.) and qualitative methodology (structured interviews, e-surveys, in-depth semi structured interviews, case studies, focus groups). Overall, CSIL experts boast a distinctive blend of theoretical and empirical perspectives which enables them to formulate practice-oriented recommendations that are firmly based on the state of the art knowledge and an in-depth experience on the ground.

For public sector clients, CSIL assesses the effects of public sector programmes with the aim of optimizing public spending, increasing accountability and transparency and supporting policy-decision making. CSIL investigates competitiveness drivers and comparative advantages in local clusters and SMEs sectors to foster growth processes based on knowledge, innovation and internationalization.

For private clients, CSIL provides valuable information on specific markets and sectors to support new investment, export and trade opportunities. At the global level, CSIL is able to provide analysis of markets, consumer behaviour, supply and demand structures, import-export flows, market shares of leading companies, and distribution networks.